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Your Home. Assembled.

5 Week Modular Home From $207,200*
3 Week Modular Granny Flat From $138,500*
No hidden costs. No more to pay.

*Featured in Sanctuary Magazine: Prefab and Modular Special
Issue 53 Summer 2020/2021 

*Weeks on site. All inclusive price - Manufacture, delivery, council approvals, site cost, assembly & GST. Based on the Avoca and Fingal models, on a flat clay/sand site within 80km of MAAP factory. See full details with our Designs and Prices Form.

MAAP House uses factory built panels to create cusomisable spaces for any lifestyle and bock

Welcome To MAAP House

Our system of building and design is a little different and we are sure you'll love what we can do...

Using our incredible, tough and versatile MAAP Panels as building blocks we can customise a house design to suit your life and block. Then after we're done building the panels in the factory, we can put it together on your site in a matter of weeks. Seriously!



Excellence In Building Awards Newcastle



Westpac Businesses Of Tomorrow



MBA Excellence in Housing Awards


Fire Resistant

Impact Resitant


Water Resistant

Graffiti Resitant




Modular Architectural Adaptable Panels (MAAP)
Homes are designed and manufactured using the MAAP panel system.
Panels are versatile, flexible and adaptable. Also, lightweight, fireproof and 100% recyclable.



Don't demolish - Disassemble
The system is 100% Recyclable; not just the material, but the panels themselves can be removed and reused.
Renovations can be as simple as removing and adding modular panels as desired.



MAAP uses high quality materials, products and processes from start to finishes.  
Architectural design. Factory quality parts. Quality on site assembly.
MAAP is quality from start to finishes.



Your home can grow with your family or shrink to suit your lifestyle.
Move a wall? Add a window? Turn the spare bedroom into a patio?
MAAP is Adaptable.





Modern Green Home-Sanctuary magazine feature article: Riverside retreat by MAAP House hybrid-modular

Riverside Retreat by MAAP House_magazine feature article


Wall and floor panels can be installed by just a few people, with no need for a crane. “It’s like building with Lego. We use a lot of standard-sized pieces to make any sized house,” explains Daniel. The granny flat took two months to prepare in the factory, and on-site work was completed in three weeks. The use of standardised, repeated processes kept costs down and minimised waste of construction materials.

“Granny flats are a great way of getting extra room for family and friends or for rental income. The MAAP House system was a perfect fit for us – I don’t think we could have found anything that would have suited our block better, and for an affordable price,”

Sustainable Design & Living With A MAAP House


How much energy do I use in my regular activities and in heating or cooling my home and water to stay comfortable daily, weekly or even yearly? Where does that energy come from? What negative effect does my energy consumption have on the environment and on the earth’s limited natural resources? These questions are the basis of sustainable design and sustainable living. The next step is to take action and ask; what can I do or change to reduce the impact of my activities and my comfort on the environment?


Minimum Waste, Minimum Labour: Advantages Of The MAAP System


As an Australia first, MAAP House has chosen to take full advantage of both modular volumes and panels and uses a ‘hybrid’ of both technologies. 
When materials are used on-site, there is typically a large amount of wastage and damage by careless individuals, whereas in a controlled factory environment excess material is used on succeeding projects and damage is avoided by controlled processes.


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Takes a home from factory produced panels and built into beautiful reality

Welcome to your new home...


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