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MAAP House.

5 week house from $246,800*
3 week studio/granny flat from $168,800*

Includes council approval, services, sites costs, delivery & assembly.

*Avoca and Coral-Fern models *Weeks on site *Flat clay/sand site *80km from factory. More Info: Price & Details.

MAAP House uses factory built panels to create cusomisable spaces for any lifestyle and bock

Welcome to MAAP

Our system of building and design is a little different and we are sure you'll love what we can do...
Using our incredible, tough and versatile MAAP Panels as building blocks we can customise a house floorplan to suit your life and site. Then, after we're done building the panels in the factory, we can put it together on your site in a matter of weeks.

Renew Sanctuary Magazine
MAAP House panelised modular master builders and westpac business awards

MAAP Panel Durability Test

Fire Resistant

Water Resistant

Graffiti Resistant

Impact Resistant

MAAP House Hybrid Modular_Advanced Panel Technology


Modular Architectural Adaptable Panels (MAAP)
Homes are designed and manufactured using the MAAP panel system.
Panels are versatile, flexible and adaptable. Also, lightweight, fireproof, reusable & recyclable.



Don't demolish - Disassemble
The system is 100% Recyclable; not just the material, but the panels themselves can be removed and reused.
Renovations can be as simple as removing and adding modular panels as desired.

MAAP House-Hybrid Modular stylish vinyl bathroom


MAAP uses high quality materials, products and processes from start to finishes.  
Architectural design. Factory quality parts. Quality on site assembly.
MAAP is quality from start to finishes.



Your home can grow with your family or shrink to suit your lifestyle.
Move a wall? Add a window? Turn the spare bedroom into a patio?
MAAP is Adaptable.

Custom MAAP House floor plans


Floor panels can be added, removed, or rotated to create floor and deck space. Wall panels are added to enclose rooms.

Check out our Inspiration page to see over 40 custom MAAP House floor plans - from studios to 5 bedroom houses.

Ecocabin: Rural Retreat

Cellito: Large Homestead Style

Clovelly: Weekender Retreat

Merewether: Suburban Family Home

Tough, lightweight MAAP Panels are stcaked on a truck ready for delivery to site

Off Grid Living In A MAAP House


Peace. Space. Freedom. Living off-grid is attractive for many reasons.

Living off-grid in the simplest terms is having a lifestyle that is self-sustaining and does not rely on government connections to power or run a home. Off-grid homes are sustainable, ecological, and smart. Living off-grid is achieved by getting electricity from alternative sources and managing water and sewage on-site rather than using ‘the grid’.


Tough, lightweight MAAP Panels are stcaked on a truck ready for delivery to site

Sustainable ‘flat-pack’ homes that can change with your needs


Construction manager Daniel Reitsma started in the building trade as an apprentice straight from school. He has always had an interest in smart design projects with a sustainable edge.

“Homes built from rammed earth or mud bricks are wonderful in theory, but they are resource-heavy and expensive,” Reitsma says. “I was curious about how I could encourage more people to think outside the box and build efficiently and sustainably.”


Renew Sanctuary Magazine Article_ Riverside retreat

Sanctuary Magazine: Riverside Retreat


“We wanted somewhere for my 93-year-old mum to live in the future, with the versatility of being able to use it for short-term accommodation or for family and friends, that was reasonable in cost and could be done quickly without major disturbance to our gardens and neighbors” says Jeff.

The Flat had to be affordable and achievable within the constraints of their property, which is in a flood zone, has a BAL-12.5 bushfire rating, is on a slope and is difficult to access for heavy machinery. They also wanted it to be low maintenance and energy efficient, and the exterior had to fit with the sleek lines and raised level of their existing house.

A comfortable home built using the MAAP panelised system with beautiful interior design features

First Impressions of a MAAP House


At first glance the MAAP house is somewhat boxy which may not be to everyone’s taste, but it has a cubist, post-modern vibe. Although there are lines and rectangles visible around the home which are formed by the panelised building method, there is continuity to the façade. The panel join lines are equally spaced, the windows and doors are centred within each wall panel and there are full height windows or sliding doors that fill the space of one or more wall panels. The façade has a two toned colour palette with one colour providing the base and the other providing accents. Accents are available in a range of colours from the colourbond palette, and the base colour can be chosen from any paint swatch. MAAP House’s gently sloping roof has extra-wide eaves that provide shade around the home while still maintaining the mid-century appeal.


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Takes a home from factory produced panels and built into beautiful reality

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