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How It Works

Assembled from integrated panels produced in our factory to the highest quality standards.

 On site time can be as little as 5 weeks to build a 3 bedroom house.

MAAP House Process

Our Formula for Your Dream



Choose from our Architectural Plans or work with us to customise your design to suit your own situation. All our plans are designed to work with the MAAP Panel system.



MAAP Panels for floors and walls are produced to highest quality standards in our manufacturing facility. Bathrooms and kitchens are produced as whole units for quick on-site installation. Site preparation can begin while parts are being produced in the factory.



On site assembly is similar to building Lego or a piece of flat-pack furniture. Bathrooms and kitchens are installed as whole rooms. Floor panels are installed followed by wall panels. The roof is last to be fitted.



All joins are sealed, floor coverings are installed, electrics and plumbing are connected, final fit off is completed.


Move in

You receive your keys, and enjoy your brand new home.

MobiriseMAAP House Hybrid Panelised Modular Floorplan Drawing Factory Build

Custom Design

MAAP House Hybrid Panelised Modular on-site assembly installation building

On Site Assembly

MAAP House Hybrid Panelised Modular Relax Move In Peacefully

Move In

MAAP Designs

Or Create Your Own

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MAAP Technology

The Genius Behind The Panel

MAAP Adaptability

Your Home Your Way

Takes a home from factory produced panels and built into beautiful reality

Welcome to your new home...


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