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Take a video walkthrough tour of this 4 bedroom, 2 storey MAAP House. It was built on-site in a matter of weeks in northern NSW.


MAAP Feature Article: Sanctuary Magazine

Discover how a semi-retired couple are using their quality MAAP house, nestled in the trees, as the perfect holiday retreat. Read more...

High Quality Materials

A high-quality product must be made from high quality materials. The choice of material will always have an impact on the end product. MAAP prides itself in sourcing only the best materials for its building parts.

Mgo or Magnesium Oxide board is a new alternative to plaster. This material formed by a strong bond between magnesium and oxygen atoms, and is more fireproof and mould and mildew resistant than traditional plaster alternatives. Mgo is also 100% recyclable which makes it the clear choice for MAAP panels.

For unseen structural purposes MAAP chooses steel framing, because of its low carbon footprint. Steel is lightweight and has high tensile strength. MAAP believes that timber should be put on show where it's natural beauty can add warmth to a space.

High quality magnesium oxide board used for MAAP House panels

High Quality Processes

A bad process can affect the quality of the end product. Manufacturing, storing, handling and assembling are all vital steps to achieving the best result. MAAP takes pride in implementing the best process for the best quality result.

MAAP has created tools and jigs which are used in the factory to ensure minimal wastage, closest tolerances and highest quality MAAP Panel production. Rest assured when you buy a MAAP product it is handled with care!  

After manufacture, MAAP Panels are put into a purpose-built panel stacker which protects them until onsite assembly. The panel stacker is wrapped up in plastic to protect panels from scratches or bad weather while in transit.

MAAP has designed the panels to require no alteration on site, no cutting or banging, no apprentice mistakes. MAAP Panels are installed just as they are delivered. Even though they can be installed by unskilled labour, our installers are trained by MAAP to ensure best quality for your home.

A long straight corridor wall show the on-site precision gained when using the MAAP hybrid modualr system

High Quality Finishes

The paint in your room may be only skin deep, but MAAP believes that finishes go deeper than that, and include your lighting, tapware, door hardware, floor coverings and trimmings. All of our homes have 2.7m 'high' ceilings throughout so your home will feel like home when you build with MAAP. 

MAAP panels are all coated with a durable hard-wearing paint finish that will last and last. We know that our panels can be replaced, and reused and so we choose to treat them like they will last forever with nothing but the best quality finish. 

Your bathroom and kitchen are areas where quality shows its true colours. MAAP house prefers Kohler tapware and fixtures, with FormE bathroom installations.
MAAP house offers an option to install the highest quality in free standing European style shower recesses created by Aeros.
Talk to us about premium finishes for your spaces.

Often taken for granted, we use them multiple times in a day. your windows and doors are your connection with others and with the outside world. We prefer to install solid Hume doors throughout and AWS Vantage commercial windows.

MAAP House living and dining areas, sofa, table, chairs and feature timber panel

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A peacful quiet nook wit bush view in the Cellito MAAP House
A MAAP House bathroom shows a textured wall behind a freestanding bath
This MAAP House bathroom contains a freestanding bathtub with feature timber screen and recycled towel ladder

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