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MAAP Panel Durability Test

Watch us attempt to BURN, PAINT, SMASH and SPLASH our standard MAAP panels. Compared with ordinary building methods, MAAP Panels are far superior! 


The ONLY Home with Reusable Permanent Walls
MAAP House can grow with your family and shrink with your lifestyle

MAAP worker lines up sledge hammer to test strength of standard MAAP Wall Panel

STRONG and DURABLE in and out

Tested to withstand SCRATCHING, HAMMERING, WATER SOAKING, FIRE, GRAFFITI and anything else you can throw at them.
MAAP Panels outperform standard plaster walls with every test; see the impact test video below.
MAAP is Tough!

A MAAP House is designed from panels created in our factory, they create beautiful spaces

OPTIONAL Panel Configuration. 

Design your own space with our range of windows and doors already installed in our panels.
Need a new window in your room - no renovation, just swap the panel!

MAAP is Versatile!

A switchboard panel shows the versitlilty of wiring in a MAAP House


You can move a light switch, add a power point, or install another downlight without cutting great big holes in the wall or roof. MAAP Panels are ready to be wired.

MAAP is Well Connected!

A beautiflu nook under the stairs looks out on the Aussie bush from our Cellito MAAP House

COMFORT is Standard 

All external MAAP Panels are fully insulated to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer.
They are also excellent sound barriers so you don't have to hear the neighbours or the traffic.

MAAP is Comfortable! 

Standard MAAP panels are tested with direct flame compared to plaster walls

FIRE RESISTANCE is standard 

MAAP panels are made from mgo board instead of traditional plaster board; it is both tougher and more fire resistant than conventional alternatives. Take a look at our burn test below!

MAAP is Pretty Hot!


Having a baby shows how life can change and MAAP houses can change with life


Another bedroom. An extension. A new wing. It is as easy as removing old panels and replacing with new, add floor space as needed, drop in a new bathroom if desired and in only a few days you're good to go!

MAAP Is made for your Family!

A home office can be built or added easily when you home is a MAAP House


Convert your space into an office by adding MAAP Panels to your MAAP House, quick to install and modify with good sound proofing. With no need for demolition, your home office can be ready sooner than you think.

MAAP just WORKs!

A retired couple walk out into the water to go for a swim


When life slows down and your home is too big. Make it smaller! It's as easy as removing existing panels and floors, you can re-use them to close up the house. You can even donate the extra panels toward your kid's next MAAP House build!

MAAP Is made for LIFE!

A MAAP House lounge area looks out over the deck to verdent countryside with peace and tranquility


Wanting to add a deck, open up the living area, or put a window in to catch the morning light. It's as easy as swapping some panels, removing some panels or adding some panels and your home improvement is complete.

MAAP suits your home!


Houses made of MAAP Panels fit together seamlessly using this hybrid modular technology


During renovation or extension, existing MAAP Panels can be re-used in another part of the house. There is no need for demolition; simply disassemble the parts of the house you don't need and reassemble it where you want it.

MAAP is Reusable!

A MAAP house is being extended, existing panels are being reused on the new build


MAAP Panels last and last. When renovating or extending, existing or used MAAP Panels can be mixed with new ones from our factory. MAAP Panels are designed to be used like Lego building blocks.

MAAP is Enduring!

A skip bin is filled with construciton waste, shows the ammount of waste in ordinary renovation

ONLY USE What You Need

No need for a full skip-bin as old panels are reused and complete panels are delivered from the factory with no off-cuts or resizing to fit. When re-using existing panels in your renovation or home addition, you only need to buy enough new wall and floor panels to complete the space. 
MAAP is Efficient!

This double storey modular MAAP house incorporates standard panels to build a second level


MAAP Panels are inherently strong! You can add a second storey to your home without adding structural or supporting walls. Our flat-pack stairs are made-to-fit within standard MAAP floor panels. Often you can re-use existing roof panels for the second storey.
MAAP is Ready!

The MAAP system is made up of floor wall and roof panels, these can be reused, refurbished or recycled during renovation

MAAP Panel Swap

Need a door installed, want to add a window, to let the sunshine in? Talk to us about MAAP Panel swap. You can remove any existing solid MAAP Panel and replace with a window or door panel or sliding door. We can then take away the old panel, refurbish it and re-use it on another job
MAAP is Guilt Free!

Start customising your home with over 40 MAAP House floor plan ideas:
From studios to 5 bedroom houses

Smart Design Speaks For Itself.

MAAP Hybrid Modular


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