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Easily Upsize Or Downsize Your MAAP House

Houses made from MAAP hybrid panels can be altered by removing or replacing individual panels


Most people have heard of downsizing which is to move to a more convenient and compact home. Upsizing is to extend or move to a larger more comfortable home. What if you didn't have to move to a new house to downsize, or extend or move to upsize? What if you could continue living in your home while the new home addition was being built? What if you could reuse walls from 

your old home in your new home? When you build a MAAP house, it does not have to be a static house. Each of the wall panels used in a MAAP build are removable and reusable, and for a renovation you can simply order more panels from our factory and have them installed in a matter of days.  


In the past, the traditional build practices would put off a home buyer from upsizing. With renovation costs and planning permission being expensive or tedious, another way of building a house was needed to make upsizing efficient and cost-effective. The MAAP House modular flat pack system offers this opportunity as the panels always connect together the same way to make the floor, walls and roof. The door panels and window panels are all the same size and additions are not complicated as a new design simply means adding on extra panels where desired. This eliminates the need to pour a new slab, or take off the roof, or rip out walls to rebuild new rooms. In a MAAP House all our walls are straight, and true, this eliminates the problem of the existing house not being aligned with the new addition.

When old panels are removed, they can be set aside and used in the renovation. There is no plaster dust or broken bricks to deal with - it is clean and simple. If your renovation requires a new bathroom this can be ordered from our factory and can be installed seamlessly into the existing MAAP house. New steel piers and bearers can be added easily to extend the floor area, and often even the roof panels can be reused for a second storey addition.

MAAP hybrid modular wall panels are stacked on site ready to be connected to the building


Right-sizing is the idea of not having too much space or too many rooms, or having to pay for the heating, cooling and cleaning of those unused areas. Likewise if you have not got enough space to live, then you are cramped until you are financially able to expand your space.

A MAAP house takes the headache out of an addition to your home, and also offers the chance to remove parts of your home that are unused so you can claim more garden 

space. You can easily convert a room into a deck, or vice versa. When you have the thought of “wouldn’t this home be better if…” MAAP House makes it easy for your house to be the ‘right size’ home for your life.

A MAAP house takes the heartache out of having to move away from much loved friends, neighbours, schools, and community in being able to have the necessary changes made to your existing home, right where it stands. 


The hybrid system of a MAAP house also allows for “down-sizing” ease. If your MAAP house becomes too spacious and you decide on a more compact living design, then removing the panels and modules is as easy as adding them. The panels are all a standard 1.2 x 2.7m size and the door and window panels fit in where needed. So a bedroom can be removed and replaced with the number of panels needed to complete the new wall. If you only require one bathroom instead of two, then a bathroom module can be removed and floor, wall and roof panels can enclose the space that is left. Designing your living spaces is just a matter of connecting the wall, floor and roof panels together into the desired area. If a bedroom is removed and a door or more windows need to be included into a hallway space, then a door or window panel can replace a solid wall panel.


When removing MAAP wall panels - what happens to them once they are taken out? Are they trashed like so much renovation waste? No. Any undamaged panels can be reused as part of the new build, if they are not needed they can be donated to a family member for another renovation project, or you can talk to MAAP about returning them to our factory where we will refurbish and reuse them on future projects.

Upsizing for first home buyers and young families and downsizing for retirees is a simple procedure if you build a MAAP house. The modular and prefabricated parts of the house can be added or removed as desired and you will always end up with the design that you want and a high-quality, consistent finish.

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