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  • MODULAR BUILDING - means a building that is built in parts or modules which will be assembled on site to form a whole building. Modular building can offer cheaper parts, higher quality and faster construction times as it takes advantage of manufacturing technology.
  • VOLUMETRIC - In construction this means that the modular parts of a building are volumes or fully built rooms and spaces. This type of modular building offers quick on-site assembly, but is often excessively expensive to transport as the modules are usually oversized and are essentially filled with air, requiring more truck loads, crane lifting and road limits.
  • PANELISED - In construction this means that the modular parts of a building are panels or the building is wall, floor & roof panels. This type of modular building works more like flat pack construction where panels are assembled on site to create the whole building. Although on site time can be longer than volumetric, the assembly is much faster than regular building. In transit; panels can be stacked together which makes them significantly cheaper to transport.
  • INTEGRATED PANELS - Most panelised modular buildings use solid panels which do not allow for services, leaving unsightly wires and pipes exposed either inside or outside the building. MAAP panels are fully integrated to include services both for the initial build and for later renovation. MAAP panels also come with optional doors and windows already installed saving more time on site.
  • HYBRID - The MAAP system is a hybrid of panelised and volumetric construction. MAAP is primarily an integrated panelised system because of the manufacturing, transport and quality benefits. MAAP also incorporates volumetric constructionin kitchens, bathrooms and laundries which saves time plumbing and installing on site and is more efficient and cost effective overall. All other building parts are assembled on site from MAAP Panels. The MAAP system incorporates the perfect balance for the best Speed, Quality and Cost for your home.
Mobile crane delivers stack of modular panels on-site delivered from MAAP factory

Efficient MAAP Transport

A MAAP house being built on site, individual panels are connected together to create the building floor walls and roof

Efficient MAAP Installation

Non-MAAP Transport, moving full rooms or building parts is costly, heavier and requires larger trucks

Expensive Volumetric Transport

MAAP Panels

Lightweight. Heavyduty.

  • UNIQUE - MAAP Panels have been called a world first* fully customisable flat pack home both before construction and for future modification. The panels are standardised to allow for simple design, ease of manufacture and ability to adapt your home with your lifestyle in the future. *ABC News Interview with Architect
  • LIGHTWEIGHT HEAVYDUTY - MAAP Panels make use of a steel internal structure and magnesium oxide or Mgo board lining. This makes them lighter and stronger than conventional building technology. MAAP Panels are also coated with durable hard-wearing finishes for longevity and for installation without damage. See our panel testing!
  • ADAPTABLE - MAAP Panels can be added, removed, swapped, changed, recycled and reused. They are the perfect solution for our changing lives and our changing world. See Panel Adaptability!
  • SUSTAINABLE - MAAP panels are 100% reusable, they can be replaced with no wastage. They are also constructed of fully recyclable materials. We care about the planet and our carbon footprint. Look at Panel Sustainability!
Construction of a MAAP hybrid panelised modular building shows how the buidling is assembled from wall floor and roof panels

MAAP Panels Installed

On-site assembly of a MAAP granny flat

MAAP On Site

MAAP Panels being assebled on site to create the Cellito design

MAAP Panel Assembly

Moving MAAP Efficiently

Smarter Storage, Transport & Assembly

  • STORAGE - Factory and storage space comes at an overhead cost. The space required to store other volumetric modular buildings is enormous as there must be enough floor space for every building under construction. MAAP Panels require only a fraction of volumetric storage space, saving space and saving costs.
  • TRANSPORT - MAAP panels are transported in the most efficient way. Unlike volumetric modular there is very little wasted space on each truck load. MAAP fits more building parts per truck and does not require expensive pilot cars, oversize permits or road closures.
  • DELIVERY - MAAP Panel stacks are designed to be light and easy to move, requiring smaller trucks and cranes, and allowing MAAP Houses to be installed on tight or difficult sites. Light panels also allow quicker unloading and simpler on-site handling. 
  • CRANES - MAAP Panels are light and so on-site cranes are only used for unloading, not for placement or assembly. Cranes are needed for only a short time on each site.
  • ASSEMBLY - Unlike many panelised systems, our panels are light enough to be individually lifted by hand. This makes on site assembly far more efficient and reduces the extra cost and time required by material handling.
MAAP panels are economical and space saving in manufacture, they can be stacked and stored in relatively small spaces

Efficient MAAP Storage

A truck trailer is neatly stacked with MAAP House panels ready for delivery

Efficient MAAP Truck

Non-MAAP systems are wasteful and require an enormous amount of undercover space to manufacture

Wasteful Volumetric Storage

Factory Benefits

MAAP Manufacturing and Panel Production

  • FACTORY not FACILITY - Most modular buildings are CONSTRUCTED not MANUFACTURED in FACILITY not a FACTORY. This means that they are built using standard or conventional methods, but with extra strength and under a roof; after CONSTRUCTION they are then transported to a building site. MAAP Panels are standarised and repeatable so they naturally take advantage of the benefits of a factory.
  • QUALITY - A factory uses standardised processes and systems and prioritises the use of devices and jigs for accuracy. MAAP panels are manufactured to higher quality standards and better tolerances than can be achieved on any construction site.
  • EFFICIENCY - A factory allows for machinery and technology to supplement labour and improve efficiency. The use of machines allows for more parts to be produced at lower cost and be available faster than if done manually. MAAP is continually investing in it's technology to improve efficiency. 
  • CAPACITY - A factory is designed to handle multiple jobs at a time and process them in the most efficient way. MAAP manufacturing is constantly improving its capacity, so that your home can be built sooner.
  • LESS WASTE - Material wastage is closely managed within a factory. Materials are cut to size, excess product is used on subsequent projects, and parts are designed to maximise material efficiency. Factory waste is only a fraction of conventional construction site waste.
  • AUSSIE MADE - We prioritise AusSteel, Bostik, Dulux and other Australian made materials. With the demise of the automotive industry in Australia, much of the manufacturing industries have been converted to importing industries. Let's keep Australia alive by manufacturing our homes at home.
The front of the MAAP Modular factory with a truck loaded ready for delivery

MAAP Factory

Concept render of MAAP hybrid panelised modular construction

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