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Better Modular Transport with MAAP House

Mobile crane delivers a stack of MAAP hybrid modular panels to the building site


With the Australian capital coastal cities bursting at the seams with housing, there has been the trend in Australia for retirees, young families and ‘sea/tree change’ seekers to move out of the city or up the coast. Australia is a big country – there are vast open spaces and large distances between towns. The prefabricated and modular homes industry has a lot to offer families and 

companies that take up the challenge to move out. The MAAP House factory built system offers an economical and efficient option for an off-site build. The system is a hybrid between moving entire rooms and sectioning rooms into wall, floor, and roof panels. The panels used are built from steel frame and magnesium board which makes them sturdy, tough, and versatile; bathrooms and kitchens are delivered as complete rooms or pods built in the factory while all other parts are delivered as panels. This hybrid approach makes transport more economical and systematic while your home is delivered to your building site.  


Ever seen a modular building on the road? Ever been stuck behind one? Australia’s major roads are often clogged with trucks, oversized loads and road trains. These wide loads are often kit houses or building modules on the back of b-double trucks. Factory or modular building eases the time and labour needed on site, but with oversized loads, the cost to get it to site can be enormous. MAAP House streamlines the transport process by providing complete rooms only where necessary, and delivering the majority of the house in panels. If you purchased a standard modular home, you are essentially paying for the transport of walls, floor, a roof and a lot of air! The use of plaster walls and standard building materials also runs the risk of the house being damaged or having other transport complications along the way. 

The MAAP hybrid system, where panels and pods are built in a factory, have all the advantages of being built in a factory: no weather conditions impeding the building process and employees and materials in a constant supply. And it has the added advantage that the panels are neatly stacked in racks on the back of standard sized trucks and then transported to site. This means that oversized load signs are not needed, neither are pilot cars or special permits or even oversized cranes are required. The house is still built in a matter of weeks but there are no large sections being transported. The panels and pods are delivered to site and then the house is built like Lego pieces or flat pack furniture; the pods, walls and floors and roof are simply put in place and connected together.. 

A truck tralier loaded with MAAP hybrid modular panels is cheaper to move than other modular options


Having the opportunity to build your dream home in a desired location is what a MAAP House prefabricated home offers. The size of the house is not dictated by what the truck can carry nor by the access to the site. The design of your dream house is limitless when you are transporting panels. The appliances, and fixtures for bathrooms, ensuites, kitchens and laundry are all the 

latest styles available and are selected by our clients before being fitted and finished in the factory. The panels are made from magnesium board which consists of recycled building materials and are built and painted in the factory.

The components of your house are already built when it leaves our factory and only transportation to site and a small amount of labour is needed to complete your house on your building site. Prior to delivery, piers are placed on site and supporting steel frames are erected, ready for the delivery of your house. The kitchen and bathroom modules come on the back of a truck first and are placed with a crane into the allotted design. Then the floor, wall and roof panels arrive and are slotted together to complete the build. The on-site part of the building process can take as little as two weeks, but we allow longer in case of weather or other setbacks, so we can deliver on our promises.


A MAAP House system actually allows a home to be pulled apart and delivered to another site, or broken into pieces and reused on other projects. The panels and modules simply come apart as easy as they were connected together and placed onto the back of a truck for removal. The steel frame and piers can also be removed from the site and your house is yours to deliver to another site if you want to keep your personalised MAAP House but need to move location. The only remaining marks on the site are the small holes in the ground where the steel piers were placed. This is an environmentally sensitive way of building as there are no concrete slabs or brick walls to knock down and there is no building waste. A MAAP House can provide a home which is 100% reusable as a whole or 100% reusable as parts. Besides reusing the parts, the materials themselves are 100% recyclable; it doesn't get much greener than that!

An easy build and a flexible, movable, recyclable house is achievable when you choose the MAAP House hybrid modular system.

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