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First Impressions of a MAAP House

MAAP House Hybrid Modular_The Cellito external view facade
MAAP House_The new post-modern, cubist style modular house

At first glance the MAAP house is somewhat boxy which may not be to everyone’s taste, but it has a cubist, post-modern vibe. Although there are lines and rectangles visible around the home which are formed by the panelised building method, there is continuity to the façade. The panel join lines are equally spaced, the windows and doors are centred within each wall panel and there are full height windows or sliding doors that fill the space of one or more wall panels. The façade has a two toned colour palette with one colour providing the base and the other 

providing accents. Accents are available in a range of colours from the colourbond palette, and the base colour can be chosen from any paint swatch. MAAP House’s gently sloping roof has extra-wide eaves that provide shade around the home while still maintaining the mid-century appeal.
MAAP House kitchen opens into a spacious deck for entertaining

Through the front door, the 2.7m high ceilings give a sense of openness and space. Walls are made from tough board that is coated with a durable finish which protects them from potential damage during transport; and has the added benefit of protecting the walls while the house is lived in. The vertical lines of the panel system can also be seen on the internal walls at regular intervals. This is a bit different to a typical flat plaster wall, but this type of panelised effect is often seen in shopping centres, galleries, and other public buildings. The 

vertical lines can provide alignment for wall hangings or furniture to add character to each space. Just as with the external façade, windows and doors are centred within each panel this adds continuity throughout the whole building. The quality of the timber floor is second to none using a vinyl substitute which requires less maintenance and is harder wearing than standard timber flooring.

MAAP House_This beautiful first area is a centre of relaxing family entertainment

A Coonara (Aussie log fire) adds warmth to the open living space which includes entry, living area and open kitchen. The galley style kitchen, which is delivered complete from the factory includes induction cooktop, a spacious island bench and built-in Italian appliances including integrated dishwasher. MAAP House kitchens can be customised for each project and can include ‘Galley’, ‘L Shaped’, ‘U shaped’, and more kitchen styles. From the kitchen, full height sliding doors lead to a large deck complete with remote-control retractable shade cloth for those extra sunny days. The deck itself has a 

smoother feel underfoot because it is constructed using a non-combustible fire-rated product called ‘Hardie-deck’ which is low-maintenance and longer lasting than equivalent timber decking.

The main bathroom is well designed to include a toilet, corner shower, vanity, and freestanding bath in a relatively small space. Like the kitchen, bathrooms and laundries are delivered complete from the factory, and can be customised with each MAAP project. Tapware, benchtops, and other fixtures can be selected as part of the bathroom design.

MAAP House_wide bright hallway with timber floors

The children and guest bedrooms each include a full height sliding door which leads to a private balcony. The bedrooms are spacious with room for a queen bed, a desk, and plenty of cupboard space.

There is only 1 split system air conditioner for the whole house which is only needed on very-hot days because of the excellent insulation throughout the house. The roof is not built with beams and joists but is filled with up to 250mm thick of solid polystyrene - that is what fridges are made of. Like the 

roof, the floor also has a layer of polystyrene within each floor panel. Although walls are built from hollow frames to allow for hidden pipes and wire, they are also fully insulated, and external cladding is thermally broken to prevent heat transfer through the frame into the house. The ‘cool-roof’ and insulated floor and wall panels account for the comfortable temperature throughout the house despite the absence of heating and cooling in most of the rooms. 

MAAP House_Parents retreat upstairs with views of australian countryside

The stairs are delivered as a flat pack set and assembled on site as part of the modular build. Beside the stairway there is an unobstructed view through the adjacent 2-story high windows. The 2.7m high ceilings continue upstairs where a study nook leads to the parent’s retreat. The parents retreat includes comfortable bedroom with a large private ensuite with walkaround shower, and a private balcony just for mum and dad.

The unseen features of this home include a worm farm for sewage treatment which also handles compost disposal, BAL 29 fire rating 

and solar assisted electricity. All MAAP Houses come with 1.5kW solar panels, and fire ratings can be increased with minor adjustments to the house. The house itself is adaptable as walls can be moved, removed, or swapped for a panel with a window or a door. The house can also be renovated without waste or dismantled into parts and put together in a different location. MAAP Panels are made from 100% recyclable material.

The on-site build time for this 2 story home with 4 bedrooms, 6 decks, 2 living areas, and parents retreat is as little as 2-3 months.

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