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Daniel Reitsma Construction Manager MAAP House

Daniel Reitsma
Construction Manager

Daniel is a qualified builder who has been in the industry for over 25 years; during which Daniel has been innovating in both conventional and modular construction. He is always eager to challenge traditional building methods.

Daniel values sustainability in construction, attention to detail and smart building design. Daniel developed the original MAAP system, he enjoys living in his own sustainable double storey MAAP House.

Daniel is both a religious and family man who enjoys live music, surfing and building recycled timber furniture in his spare time. 

Hyrum Mohring Manufacturing Manager MAAP House

Hyrum Mohring
Manufacturing Manager

Hyrum is passionate about modular building, he has been a key player in the set-up of a commercial high-rise modular factory. He has a range of experience in construction, engineering, robotics, design and product development.

Hyrum values systemisation, quality and smart product design. Hyrum has developed and tested a separate modular building system but chose to work with MAAP because of it's adaptability and versatility.

Hyrum is a religious and family man; he enjoys boardgames, outdoor activities and has built his own wooden speedboat.

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