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MAAP House: A Socially Responsible Builder

MAAP modular prefabricated panelised single bedroom units at a womens shelter used to house those who need it most


A MAAP House is built from panels made in a factory; it is a sustainable, affordable, modern option for construction. But the MAAP House system has also been benefiting community groups and housing for special needs. MAAP House has had the privilege of building a Women’s Shelter and the opportunity to work with a non-profit charity. The Women’s Shelter project 

provided alternative accommodation for women who have been suffering from domestic violence or are unsafe at home for other reasons. MAAP House built a number of small 1 bedroom self-contained suites on the site at the request of our client who later said “I would definitely recommend a MAAP house and in fact have already done so. I think the efficiencies in the concept are excellent (at) providing a cost effective and good product in an efficient time frame”. MAAP House has also been engaged in providing a church hall and has had consistent interest from a number of other non-profit organisations looking at the benefits of using a factory based construction system. One of our clients has reported “to see a small house being constructed on site in 2 to 3 weeks is most unusual” highlighting the time difference in building with the MAAP House system.

MAAP House has also been involved with forums on Affordable Housing in association with government and non-government building sectors, helping to inform the broader community of the new possibilities made available through this new technology. MAAP House provides an affordable, time-efficient and high quality construction system; which is just what is needed to provide religious, community, and socially responsible housing and buildings.

The comfortable living area of a MAAP Panelised Modular unit at a women's refuge used to house women in crisis


Modular and prefabricated buildings are able to keep their costs down compared to the cost of an average traditionally built home due to its labour costs and materials used. MAAP House Panels are built in a factory and the labour is not hindered by weather conditions. The panels are all standardised in design so that the walls, floors and roof panels can all slot together. 

This mass produced element of building not only makes it cost-effective but also reduces waste as excess materials are used on succeeding projects or for home extensions.

The use of panels as opposed to other ‘Volumetric’ [buildings transported as whole rooms or complete spaces] modular building options is that panels are cheaper to transport as they take up much less space on a truck or crane. Affordability is a key factor in community housing and charity-built dwellings as often these organisations primarily rely upon donations and government grants to assist with the cost of their projects. MAAP continues to provide a cost effective solution to help those who need it most.


A prefabricated house is faster to build than a traditional project home. Community organisations are often under pressure to supply houses for desperate reasons and modular prefabricated houses can be built in a matter of weeks. So this means when the need is there, a home can be supplied quickly with minimal hassle. Politicians in Australia and around the globe are looking at the modular and prefabricated building sector as the solution to provide affordable housing at the scale and pace Australians need them. This is because they can see the benefits of prefabricated housing as faster, more sustainable, and more affordable to build.


The high quality of the MAAP House prefabricated panels make them suitable for many types of situations. The quality and tolerance achieved by factory production is unparalleled by standard on-site construction methods. The panels are coated with a high durability paint system which allows for no stains or marks to be made on the wall; one just needs to simply wipe clean the panels. The panels are also made up of tough but recyclable materials that make the panel strong and resistant to bumps and scratches. They are fire and water resistant and can be used in bush-fire prone areas. Our community outreach projects are built to the same stringent quality standards as all of our buildings.


MAAP House is proud to be working towards more solutions to address the housing supply issues in Australia and to consistently continue working with community groups. MAAP House is providing modular prefabricated buildings that can pass the disability regulations and be affordable, time-efficient and high quality, MAAP House is making a difference.

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Aerial view over a town shows land available for building with the MAAP hybrid modular system

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A stack of tough, lightweight MAAP wall panels are delivered to site with a mobile crane

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MAAP House is a smarter way to move a factory built home. There is no need for oversize loads, permits or pilot cars.

MAAP hybrid modular panels are neatly stacked to be readily assembled and are easily removed

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Worker installing MAAP hybrid modular panels in house

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The MAAP House system is a smarter, quicker, more economical way to build.

Sustainable MAAP modular prefabricated home seen through a low carbon footprint in the sand

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