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A MAAP Modular living area with comfortable furnishings, a Ceiling Fan, Stairs and Sofas


Although MAAP House is a modular prefabricated house, built in a factory with standardised floor, wall and roof panels; this does not mean that your home can not be unique. First, each design layout or floor plan can be easily modified to suit your individual preferences for no extra design cost. Walls can be added or removed, each of our solid panels can be relocated or can be swapped 

for panels with windows or doors. MAAP House also offers a large range of feature panels made of different materials like timber or laser cut steel. Floor to ceiling glass sliding doors can also be included to transform a standard MAAP House into the perfect solution for your particular needs. 


All MAAP wall panels have the option to include windows or doors that are pre-installed in our factory. A common feature in contemporary Australian homes is the classic glass sliding door. This feature allows for the outdoors to become part of your living space when the doors are open. The opening of a section of the house in the summer allows for a cool breeze to flow through the house and in the winter for sunlight to filter through. Large sections of glass also allow an uninterrupted view of the environment surrounding the house. Sliding doors are as simple as leaving panels out and installing full height floor-to-ceiling MAAP sliding doors. MAAP Houses all have 2.7m high ceilings as standard, the glass doors are big... creating that outstanding architecture feel! If you want a view but not a door then talk to us about a full glass panel as part of your MAAP House design.

Internal view of a MAAP House showing a custom timber dividing screen and textured paint on the entry floor


MAAP House internal wall panels are not made with plaster, our panels are tough, and now they also come in an optional wood-grain texture finish for that classic look and feel internally or externally. Our panels are available in a variety of colours to give your home that sense of individuality. MAAP House also offers texture-paint panels that are available for both internal and external walls that will create a different vibe or feel. These texture-paint panels are painted with an oxidized copper paint and offer a splash look to a wall or floor (see the picture). The texture-paint effect is available in a range of colours 

including blue, green, black, red, gold and more. Finally, for the adventurous interior designer, wallpaper can be directly applied to MAAP Panels creating truly individualised spaces.


MAAP House panels can be replaced by recycled timber screens as a feature wall (see the picture). Wooden slats work best in allowing a space to be divided but not closed off and the timber work can become an artwork in its own right. Feature walls can also be pre-rusted (core 10) steel, laser-cut patterned metal sheet, or anything your imagination can create. Talk to us about custom made recycled timber bench tops, vanity units, and furniture. And of course, the rooms are a blank canvas with their precisely arranged panels. Throw down some woolen rugs on the floor and use natural fibres as curtains to create a warm and organic feel. The exterior of the house can also feature materials such as laser-cut subfloor screens or timber feature screens, compliment them with a pot plant!

Your MAAP House design is limitless. Customise and accessorise with floor layout, colour, texture, and materials, each MAAP House can be unique and personalised. Talk to us about personalising your own MAAP House today!

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First Impressions of a MAAP House

At first glance the MAAP house is somewhat boxy, but it has a cubist, post-modern vibe.

MobiriseA stack of tough, lightweight MAAP wall panels are delivered to site with a mobile crane

Better Modular Transport With MAAP House

MAAP House is a smarter way to move a factory built home. There is no need for oversize loads, permits or pilot cars.

MAAP hybrid modular panels are neatly stacked to be readily assembled and are easily removed

Easily Upsize or Downsize Your MAAP House

Renovations and alterations have never been easier. Reuse parts of the existing house on the new build.

Worker installing MAAP hybrid modular panels in house

Minimum Waste, Minimum Labour: Advantages Of The MAAP System

The MAAP House system is a smarter, quicker, more economical way to build.

Sustainable MAAP modular prefabricated home seen through a low carbon footprint in the sand

Sustainable Design & Living With A MAAP House

MAAP homes are environmentally friendly, sustainable living is easier in a sustainably designed home.

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