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Purchasing Land For A MAAP House

Aerial view of a growing town where land cna be purchased for building with MAAP House


Buying land and building a house as a first time buyer or as an investment property can be satisfying as well as frustrating. There are many steps to take and decisions to make along the way. A MAAP House can provide you with a sustainable and modern home, but before you build with us or any builder, you will need to own your land. 


Price, preference, family or work situations may be driving forces for your choice. When you are ready to purchase land within your budget and in a desirable area; it is important to consider how the property and house will suit your needs. Is the property on a slope which means there may be a number of stairs to climb? Is there room to build the required amount of bedrooms, bathrooms and car spaces needed? Is there more room for future extensions if your family needs change? Are there any faults in terms of drainage or a high water table that must be accounted for? What is the best way to orient your home to capture the sun’s natural energy throughout the seasons?

Choosing a design, or designing your own MAAP House is a flexible and fluid process with only a few constraints like where you can place your bathroom and kitchen in the floor plan. A MAAP House is built on piers and can be delivered to a range of different types of blocks of land, with a variety of soil types or slopes. So with a MAAP House your needs and imagination are the only limits to your dream home potential.

View down a beautiful extra wide hallway in one of our MAAP hybrid modular panelised builds


Before you can purchase the land you need to organise your finances and speak to a range of banks and lending institutions. Keep in mind that banks and lenders are used to providing finance for houses that are built on site. Financing a modular prefabricated (or factory-built) MAAP House which is then transported to site can appear to be challenging as banks and lending institutions only release funds 

when the house has been completed in stages. However, finance can be provided if the construction process is clearly explained. Make clear to your bank or lender that a MAAP House is not a kit home, relocatable home, or mobile home, we are always available to help in the process, by providing an overview of our payment schedule should it be required. Although the process is different, MAAP Houses are constructed by fully licensed builders, and our clients receive progress claims that bank and lending institutions are happy to work with.


Once you have found your dream piece of land and the finances are good to go, make an offer on your block and select a design or start designing your own MAAP House with us. To finalise your ownership, you will need a copy of the land sale contract; pass this on to your conveyancer or solicitor who will work with you in terms of any serious issues with the land and they will arrange payments that need to be paid. To find out what can be built on your block you can either purchase a 'Planning Certificate' Section 10.7 (2) & (5), or talk to MAAP House where we are able to look up basic site info for most Australian properties. This can let you know if a 'complying development' is allowed or if a 'development application' will need to be lodged. Please don't hesitate to get in contact with us at MAAP House and we’ll be happy to help you with your house design and approval process.  

When we want to live the great Australian dream, purchasing land and designing a home can seem overwhelming but the modular prefabricated homes that MAAP House build are a surprisingly easy alternative way to achieving those dreams in a short time-frame, with the ability to build homes on a diverse range of blocks with slopes or varied soil types. Our house designs are a great starting point to get the perfect home to suit all dreams.

Look at our simple build process... 

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Shows women’s refuge units built by MAAP House. They are used to accommodate those experiencing hardship

MAAP House: A Socially Responsible Builder

MAAP House is working closely with community organisations to help those who need it most.

A double storey MAAP house with private decks shows the versatility and adptability of a hybrid modular system

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How easy is it to change make your house unique, MAAP has so many options to make your home unique.

A stack of tough, lightweight MAAP wall panels are delivered to site with a mobile crane

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MAAP House is a smarter way to move a factory built home. There is no need for oversize loads, permits or pilot cars.

MAAP hybrid modular panels are neatly stacked to be readily assembled and are easily removed

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Peace. Space. Freedom. Living off-grid is attractive for many reasons.


Worker installing MAAP hybrid modular panels in house

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The MAAP House system is a smarter, quicker, more economical way to build.

Sustainable MAAP modular prefabricated home seen through a low carbon footprint in the sand

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MAAP homes are environmentally friendly, sustainable living is easier in a sustainably designed home.

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